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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Ramellzee, Toxic C1, and Basquiat @ the Rhythm Lounge 1983

i hate to call it old skool. thats kind of dismissive, like calling all indigenous peoples history "before Christ", as if before then, it had no value, just a footnote until the coming of 'the Lord'. but this here, this is a piece of history. art history even.

if i have to explain who these guys are, u are in serious need of help. but let me say, i know some of u were problem still swimming in nutsacks when this was poppin, so allow me to re-introduce it to you.
Ramellzee, my mellow my man, and one of my all time favorites, Basquiat. really wish i coulda hung out wit dude.

this was a live jawn, especially keeping on mind that Basquiat is one of the most important pianters of all time. and he was stone cold bboy. loved him some hip hop. and this is good example of it. i believe this was a Basquiat event. i could be wrong. but here it is....West Coast styling....


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