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Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Dawud Anyabwile (formerly known as Dave Sims) the creator and artist for Brotherman.

For many of us comic book heads, there is one guy who has some of the most bangin artwork in the comic book world period. to many of us graffiti writers, he has provided numerous characters to put up with out pieces. And now, Dawud Anyabwile and his brother Guy Sims, the writer for the series, are set to bring us the next installment in the Brotherman saga, BROTHERMAN:REVELATION, a graphic novel.

All real fans of the comic know that the book debuted and became a classic in its black and white form. This book is in color and based on what we here at the site have seen personally and what has been released in the trailers are all proving to be the absolute best book in the ongoing story of Antonio Valor and his quest to bring justice to his city.

Make no mistake tho, what we love most about Dawud's work is that it is done in a style that is reminiscent of graffiti characters. And that is by no accident. Dawud was affiliated with some of Philadelphia's (his hometown) most well know and respected graff artists. He even lent his talents to a now legendary graffiti production that never was finished, but is still considered one of the city's all time classic graff  pieces. He's one of us. 

"The Ozone" 1986. Classic graff piece done by LOVER(RIP) on the wall here as SAB and PARRISH, on the wall here as ALERT, also known as SKIM FBA. He is the only known Philly graff writer to do pieces on trains in NY during the golden era. All of the characters were done by our boy Dawud, then known as Dave Sims.

An example of Dawud's early work with airbrush at a shop called Wild Tops in downtown Philadelphia, circa 1988
An album cover done by Dawud, then Dave Sims, 1987

Stay tuned and have that credit card ready to order. Pre-orders are available at


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