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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

RIP to the original LEE, LEE 163d, NY graffiti legend

today i was saddened to hear about the passing of one of the easily most unsung bombing legend from NYC, the incomparable LEE163d, from the Bronx, NY. with all due respect to LEE, the one from Wild Style, THIS is the guy that set off the franchise.

a contemporary of the legendary PHASE 2, LEE163d was a writer from the early 70s, sometime after 1971 and was said by many to have tore the city up on the streets as well as the trains. me personally, i loved the way he wrote his name with style that was all his own. its impossible to confuse his tag with any other. for me, style is when u can see something, going by at 40mph and STILL be able to know exactly what u just saw. tell me u cant do that with his style.

Nuff respect to the pioneers, wherever they come from. Nuff respect to a legend that doesnt get his just due.

Here we see LEE163d with his man, the legendary PHASE 2, somewhere in NYC. date unknown, early 70s most likely. also pictured, BARBARA 62, a female graff legend from NYC.

LEE 163d on the front of the train, alongside one of the first graff writers in NY, JUNIOR 161. also appearing in the photo is TOP CAT 126, a Philly native that moved to NY, rocking the Broadway Elegant style that he brought with him to NY from Philly. You can see how different his style of writing is next to everything else.

I was very suprised when i found this picture online. a LEE 163d with a TC126, for TOP CAT 126. Two very legendary and influential graffiti writers, at the same time in one place.


Great Article Respect to The Pioneers RIP LEE 163
Patti "A"
FUN Gallery

LEE 163d never used Broadway Elegant letters. That would be true of TC 126 also known as Philly style. You also forgot to mention the CAD tag in the bottom photo aka Phase 2.

oh wow! im deeply honored! Patti Astor, a legend herself! thank u for stopping thru and leaving a comment. i did a post on the Fun Gallery here. people think this street art movement is new. you guys were up on it 30 years ago! much respect to you.

if you have anything that you'd like to promote or talk about, please feel free to send it to me. maybe youd have time for an interview one day.

thanks for stopping thru...

hey terror... thanks for the the CAD tag mention. i never knew that was a PHASE 2 alias.

i dont think i said LEE wrote with the Broadway Elegant style. i always loved his style because he was SO unique.

this is TERROR 161 the writer? if so, much respect! i think i have a few of ur trains in my collection. if ud like to showcase some things and current project, please feel free to contact me. ill def post it.

thanks for stopping thru.

I'm just catching up to hearing about Lee's passing. Lee ,Lonnie and I grew up together in the Forest Houses. We went to school together and was into collecting records from 10 years old.We would go to 3rd ave to buy records from Hearns Dept store and would play music on our parents BIG Stereo loud when they wasn't home. When Lee and Lonnie started writng I could'nt go with them because my dad drove the trains for the T.A. If I got caught he would kill me. Damn this news hurts. Rest In Peace my brother.

M Acey

My name is anita he was my lover and the best friend ever I was only 16 my god the live we had stays on my mind truly a beautiful brother

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