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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Gear Alert: FOCAL headphones

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this is NOT a producer putting out headphones, or a rapper, or a music executive. these are made by one of the BEST speaker makers in the WORLD. for all of my heads that deal with that studio life, i know more than a few of you have a wishlist that has a pair of Focal monitors on it. and if u dont, i'm sure you're not up on equipment like u think u are. for the rest of us that realized that the Beats headphone series is more hype than function (altho i will concede the technology that allows for subsonic frequency dispersion so close to the ear as remarkable), we were also aware of other headphones that were tried and true studio staples, not for the amount of bass, but for the TOTAL reproduction of the audible sound spectrum. my friend Gabe, who is a strait sound enthusiast has pair and i listened to them and i was BLOWN away. he has the Elear, the $1000 set. but im sure, based on the reputation of the company, that every headphone in this series is exceptional. im sure every one of them 'beats' whats out there now.
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Focal - Listen Beyond

Focal are proud to introduce our new high-end line of headphones equipped with exclusive innovations to offer remarkable sound performance and an unrivalled audiophile experience true to the brand’s core values.

UTOPIA - The Purity of sound at its apogee
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