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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Pimpin' Prince

now YOU tell me my man dont look like he bout to go check some money on the ho stroll?

ay man,i don't care which side of the coin u fall on. some say the baw was too pretty. some say he wore some girl shit. even still, even while he was openly saying he had a taste that went both ways, the baw still came off like a playa. i think thats because a lot people don't really understand where he comes from. Minneapolis aint just no music town. it aint just cold in the winter. it aint just Paisley Park. Minneapolis is a town well known for its pimps and playas. so on his birthday, we salute a playa (a hell of a guitar playa), the incomparable Prince.

Pimp Convention '84. Cadillac complete with the gangster
white walls.
if ur a real fan, just look at the whole set up. i mean when Morris and Jerome hit the streets, they hit em in a Caddy. all them boys dressed in suit, like the players did. and Prince some times dressed just like the flambouyant pimps. im sure a whole heap of that comes from the obvious George Clinton/Jimi Hendrix influence of the 70s as well as that Los Angeles Shalamar androgyny shit. i know some of yall that live in places where the pimpin dont really go down, i mean that hard boot stompin pimpin, that 'bitch these is pennies get more money to gimme' pimpin, know that the pimps really used to show out. i mean they used to dress real wild and flamboyant, just like Prince. and if u have ever seen footage of some of them international pimpin Conventions held in Chicago or Las Vegas, u will see whole lot of dudes with the perms, the finger waves, the curls, the ruffles, the canes, the heels and the                                                                                         bad bitches u wish u had, just like Prince did.

and we cant ignore the effect that has on the music. i mean, the music of choice for Prince in so many respects is the funk. he never shies away from it. and even at his height, as perhaps 1 of 2 of the most popular performers on the planet in the 80s, he was still on stage yellin like James Brown. or Lennny Williams, depending on the song. even with strong rock guitar element, (emphasis on the strong), he still had that strait forward funk that the players funk with, especially in that area of the country. some of the most pimpinish shit was made in that geography, goin back to Muddy Waters talkin that prehistoric playa shit, u know, talkin bout he the greatest man alive. now if that aint no pimp shit, i dont know what is. and u dont either cause i know YOU aint been round no pimpin.

so heres to Pimpin Prince. Don Juan got his green, and Prince had his purple. salute a pimp when u see one, cashin, mashin or thrashin for his rations.

now air it out....

here go a collage of Prince in his playa attire... and a few other playas just so you can see how real it is.

Morris with the pimp stick

playa in action

SHARP. stayed tailormade...
... just like this guy.

bendin the brim just right...
playas on the set. give em some instruments, ad they'd look like one of Prince's acts

ready for the blade


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