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Sunday, July 3, 2016

The Van Silk Project: Correcting The Timelines: Early Hip Hop Jam Flyers, 1977

One of Hip Hops earliest promoters and music industry veteran Van Silk has been engaged in a seriously daunting task of correcting the Hip Hop timeline. There are may tangents that need to be explored, from the early Disco Djs that predate the Bronx DJs from Brooklyn and Queens, and the activities that went on around this thig called "The Jam". A lot of whats been thought of as actual is actually misguided and the true pioneers that were there weigh in heavily on the subject in hopes to correct the history while we have the blessing of having so many of the pioneers still with us. This post weighs in with insight from a brother i have great respect for, original Zulu King Cholly Rock, as he sets the facts straight from his 1st hand account on the flyers that tell the story better than the people who were there, who have misrepresented the facts in some cases to their own personal benefit.

This will be a regular series, so get ready to get an education. And get ready for some controversy. Lots of what you already know about hip hop is WRONG. Get ready for the journey.

Every flyer we post has historical stories to them as we articulate the history and Timelines of the modern day Hip Hop Culture.

HIP HOP BIGGEST FLYER COLLECTION visit!old-school-flyers/cx8z

As I told you and Kyle... IT IS 100% AUTHENTIC! First, I WAS NOT EMCEEING FOR BAM AT THE TIME... I had been emceeing for my man Glenn Ferguson (DJ Mastermind) As you know, I am part of what is known as "The FIRST (or Original) 11" - To become Zulu King (or Shaka Zulu) you had to dance against one of the Founding Five members of The Zulu Kings - Amad, Shaka, Kusa, Aziz, or Zambo - I danced against Zambo Burned HIM!, which is how I became THE FIRST ZULU KING FROM UPTOWN BRONX!!! Anyway, Zambo was known as "The African Prince" and was Bam's DJ protegè, BEFORE Jazzy J became Bam's DJ... In a conversation, Bam found out I emceed with Mastermind, and Bam decided, (since I had danced against and beaten Zambo) to promote "The Battle of the Zulus: Zulu King Zambo vs. Zulu King CHARLIE Rock (This was so early, that Bam assumed I had the conventional spelling of my name, as opposed to CHOLLY!) The battle was to take place in 123 SCHOOLYARD... NOT inside the SCHOOL!
As the event draws closer, Glenn's older brother, Gary - Who was a DISCO DANNY (He had serious identity issues... ONLY DATED Puerto Rican and White Girls) and Who HATED ME! would not let Glenn bring the equipment down there! (It was more to spite me, and he did many other things to spite me during that time) Anyway, the battle was canceled... BUT - WE DID wind up playing against Bam (although it wasn't really a battle, as I was MCing for Bam by this time, and Glenn, Bam and Sinbad had become friends) in Evander Childs HS, in the spring of 1978!

DISCO KING MARIO & Chuck City Crew featuring Nicky Dee (Nicky took Bosco Rock's place, when Bosco went away) Desi Ames is Mario cousin... Sinbad (Gregory) Also DJ'd with Mario, and later, Bam... But Sinbad's BIGGEST contribution to the Soundview DJs (and others) was his designing AND building the "ASSKICKER" speakers! For Mario, Bam, MY Original DJ "DJ Mastermind" and others!

Also Mario & Chuck City... The additions are Desi, DJ Ron (Desi and Ronnie are BOTH Mario's cousins) and Danny and Joe, who are probably added to the flyer (Similar to Bam, Mario added people, weren't really DJs, to his flyer - But theY are ALL BLACK SPADES... As you can see, Busy Bee Starsky is his MC by this party... Busy got his start, NOT with Mario, But with AFRIKA ISLAM!... Mario heard Starsky when Islam brought him to emcee one of his parties at 123 UNDER the MISLEADING advertisement that HE was STARSKY! (Love Bug) Anyway, Busy turned it out, and Mario made him his FIRST OFFICIAL MC! (Like most of the DJs at that time, Mario was supplying HIS OWN VOICE!) As you can see Starsky is NOT calling himself Busy Bee, Chief Rocker, or anything else other than Starsky, which obviously created lots of confusion! People would see the name, and naturally assume it was the ORIGINAL Starsky (if you didn't know any better!) Anyway, that's how BUSY BEE got his start!


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