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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

This is the WORST XXL Freshman Class EVER

ay, i try not to be that guy that sounds like 'you young whipper snappers with that noise... that aint  music",  cause i hated that guy growin up. but he was talkin bout Public Enemy and RunDMC. me??? i really aint got no choice. this shit is strait GARBAGE.

i mean, u cant look at NONE of this list and make a convert out of a disbeliever, like u could with P.E or Rakim. or Fresh Prince or Heavy D for that matter. your momma loved them. none of these guys have that type of appeal except to the people their age with the same mentality that its good cause it POPULAR, not because its actually good. dam internet age.

I cant spar with NONE of em, except Dave East, who looks like Rakim in this crowd. he is a credible lyricist with real talent. game changer? naw, not from what i can see now. will i check for him in the future? sure will. potential is the BEST attribute of any freshman. and from what i see, he's probably the smartest one as well... i see him distance himself from this pack more and more.

i checked out Denzel Curry and was out right surprised by over 2.5 MILLION Youtube views. peering into the comment section, i saw a fan base that was engaged by his music. it wasnt bad... will i bump it? nope. will i recommend it? naw. will i hope he converts those views to shows and some sort of income. absolutely. i always give a nod to those that work hard, if those views are evidence of work. i mean, you can buy views after all. time will tell.

Desiigner is the only one out the pack that actually has a hit record. major terrestial FM stations spin it. and it bangs, i aint gone front. to me, he has the makings of a recording artist, in these days and times. and he has great energy. we'll see what his next records sound like. there have been MANY one hit wonders throughout the history of music. this freestyle tho??? GARBAGE.

i wont even itemize the rest. ill just sweep em up in a pile and hit the Hefty wit em. all this money talk (30 on the waist??? diamond encrusted belt buckle???) , gun talk (dont NONE of them look tough. they even say the word 'gun' weak) and talk about bitches (yall do know we can SEE you right??), all sound plastic, fabricated, like Walt Disney made it. they sound like they dont care NOTHING at all about the culture. or being good at it. i know they'll say people like me are hatin on em cause they're popular. but let me tell ALL yall what my oldhead told me a long time ago... fame without fortune, is a backwards hustle. now take that back to your mediocre artist support group, and air it out.

and look at my man Drama in these videos. lol... my man look BORED! lol... he got that 'i cant wait til i clock out' look on his face. lol....i know he made XXL pay him WELL for that Gangsta Grillz drop! ay man, a check is a check. and he aint the star here no way. it was on THEM to show n prove. and they showed up and proved NOTHING.

a while back i wrote a piece about responsible editorial. read about it here. and share it with the editorial staff at XXL. if this was driven only by numbers, then great job guys. if this was driven by taste... then maybe a tall glass of hot trash truck juice might help yall wash it down...


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