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Saturday, October 15, 2016

.......Trump Card


Ok, let's talk about Trump. Unless you've been living under a rock all year(or in a crackhouse, same thing) you should be aware Donald J. Trump is the Republican Presidential nominee (what is that? How? Why? What the fuck?). Exactly. Yet it seems the Constitution has nothing in it to prevent Trump(or any idiot for that matter)from becoming president. White male. No felonies. Access to money. He meets all the basic criteria (I know, I know, Obama. Whatever, that's one. I'll holler when we hit three). Wait, let me clarify myself. I'm not politically affliated, my heart doesn't bleed liberal....blah..blah...blah....but I do find it absolutely HILARIOUS that someone other than Trump himself feels he should be president. Ok.....hear me out, this is a guy....who became famous...for going BROKE!(Multiple times!) so we're basically going to turn over our finances to a guy good at losing money. I'm sorry, not good FAMOUS FOR IT! But that's just a start, we're also going to turn over command of our armed forces and nuclear weapons to a guy with a bad temper....(I'm gonna assume Bobby Knight was unavailable). He's a womanizer, with a potty mouth. Which doesn't bother me in the least. I've treated quite a few women like shit, and talk dirty like a sailor, no judgment here. What DOES bug me is he's not smart enough to not get caught, nor does he lie his way out of it convincingly. This here is troublesome, see if you're in a faceoff with Putin and can't convince him we'll start WWIII in a heartbeat if he doesn't shut his cock holster, we're in trouble. Call me old fashioned, I like my politicians intelligently crooked. Feed me bullshit, convince me it's cream pie. Instead we got ol' "grab her by the pussy". Are you shitting me? Who's running this guy's campaign? Now take ol' smooth talking Hillary. This broad is a professional liar. She soothes my soul with her false statements. It's all in the delivery. Anyway, I'll watch Election Night closely, boy Trump wins.....I'm gonna laugh so hard I'm a shit myself. Y'all be good.


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