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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Waiting on Matthew.....

Waiting on Matthew.

The plain old photo of a cloudy sky belies the tension of Miami and South Florida bracing for Hurricane Matthew. As a Philly boy born and bred, hurricanes were exotic storms read about in news reports and witnessed on TV. Never in a million years would I have thought I'd currently be on the brink of living through one. Surprisingly, horror stories of weeks without power and potential property destruction and loss of life don't frighten me. It's not that I'm tough. It's just, well this is life....and I'm living it. Apparently every once in awhile a hurricane comes. Having the opportunity to see it without jaded eyes, I anticipate enjoying it's beauty and majesty. Absorb it's cruelty and kindness, and reflect on it's purpose. I'm grateful today I don't view things through a pair of dead eyes. So the wind will whip, and the power will fail. The streets will flood.  The people will cower, government will grind to a halt. The news will report and overexaggerate. Someone may die. But me, I'll watch it intently from a safe place, taking it all in. Because it's a part of life, and I've waited so long to live it.



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