Read In Your Language

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Welcome to this....(whatever this is)

Well, I guess the 21st Century is here officially, Ol' Hannybull is a blogger. If this goes well you will all be thoroughly entertained, someone will get offended, I most likely will get threatened, someone will catch a break and be "discovered" here. I'll become rich and famous and a world renowned authority on something obscure but prestigious. One of my fans will offer me his virgin sister and I'll start wearing cravats and speaking in a stilted English accent.......or it'll just be one of millions of blogs churned out on the net daily. *shrugs* Either way I'm up for it, hope you are.....I don't know how frequent these will be (you don't get to cravats and stilted English being "readily available") but we'll get it done. So, I guess that's that. Welcome to this....whatever this is. Enjoy yourself.



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