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Thursday, November 2, 2017

New graff Documentary: TAGGIN ASS CITY

We here at bboycult are proud to to announce the completion of our first full length documentary, ''Taggin Ass City, The History of Philadelphia Graffiti Tag Styles". The history of the tag styles in Philly are really a history of graffiti itself in its first iteration, before it was exported to New York and enjoyed it's next phase of development.

The film was written by your boy, me, Culture, mainly in an attempt to set the historical record strait. It seems that there is or has been some reticence to accept or give Philadelphia the recognition it deserves in the development of the culture of hip hop. Ironically it's usually from the people outside the culture. The last time I was in New York, the homie Tramp Daly took me to a panel discussion where I was the only Philly writer up there. Grandmaster Caz was also on the panel, one of my favorite MCs of all time. The NY dudes showed mad love and gave CORNBREAD his just due with no hesitation. It took me by surprise, because growing up with a dad that used to live in Brooklyn and the Bronx, sayin stuff like 'graffiti started in Philly' could get ur ass whooped. Or laughed at and clowned. So fellas from the panel, excuse me on that day if I seemed a bit on the defensive. You guys showed me nothing but love. I appreciate it.

On the other hand, when I attended a screening of Style Wars at Drexel University, I got up during the Q&A and asked Henry Chalfant if a retraction was in order. He asked, "Why?'' I said, ''In the film u state graffiti started with a kid named TAKI in 1971 when I'm fact it started with a kid named CORNBREAD from North Philly in 1967.'' The crowd erupted. "YEAH!!!" So Chalfant says ''No''. He says if that's the story, then I need to tell it myself. So I ask him, "Well, what about the historical record? Isn't the reason for documenting the culture is so that we can commit it to history responsibly?" Same answer. I was stunned. The wild thing is that NY graff legend BLADE was there with him. He was sitting next to Chalfant. All while I was speaking, he was nodding 'YES ' the entire time. And anybody who has ever heard BLADE talk about graffiti, you know he's a real historian. He's a real writer. And he goes waaay back in the history of graff. And he didn't hesitate a one bit giving credit where it was due. Like a real writer would. I respect him forever for that.

So I took Chalfant's suggestion. I made a film discussing just that, because it was obvious he had no intent on correcting the film. It's a steady stream of income for him, and has been since 1982. Regardless, the story of graffiti's origin isn't nearly as interesting as the story around how it all developed afterward. What it develops into is also very interesting because here you have a completely different graffiti writing tradition that is fiercely guarded and protected, that is unlike any other form of writing in the world. In Philadelphia, we even write like the gang war boys of the 50s and 60s, a style of writing that existed before CORNBREAD started venturing into the city. Our community of writers are devoted to the preservation of these traditions and history. We are the only place on the planet that still expresses graffiti styles from the 50s to now. The story is worth committing to the historical record. So I did.

The film discusses all of these things, plus more, set to a soundtrack designed to take you back to those times. I'd love for you to check it out and give me your honest feedback. Cause I'm certain if you're reading this, You care about this culture. No pun intended....

Enjoy this excerpt. To purchase the film, just go to the 'store' tab on this website, or go here.


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