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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

New Music: RJ PAYNE ,"777"


RJ Payne, formerly known as Reign Man, is a Brooklyn bred, Philly groomed battle rap legend who 
has recently taken Instagram by storm with his “Murder In Less Than 60 Seconds” freestyle series. 
His sixty second freestyles have attracted the attention of Lord Jamar, Pete Rock, Eric Sermon, and 
Black Thought just to name a few. 
RJ’s career took off while performing under the name Reign Man. He was selected as a finalist for
 MTV’s Making The Band 2 by P Diddy, and six months later won the MTV MC Battle, landing him a 
deal with Def Jam Records. Due to unexpected events involving the firing of then Def Jam President, 
Kevin Liles, Reign Man’s music was unfortunately shelved. He then signed with Jimmy Henchman, 
one of the most feared in the music industry, until Jimmy’s legal troubles began.
Back in Philly, Reign Man linked with Reed Dollaz and joined Top Klass, the city’s largest independent 
label. He was an integral part of the battle rap DVD era and had a cult following on the internet. 
His last battle was in 2015 where he won against URLS Ty Law.
Reign Man decided to drop the stage name and start recording music under his real name – 
RJ Payne. He joined forces with producer PA Dre and released seven albums in 2017 under 
Educated Ignorance Music Group. Four albums were tributes to the late rappers, Big L, Big Pun, 
Prodigy of Mobb Deep, and Sean Price with all of the beats completely reproduced by PA Dre and his
team The Pronoun. “The Art of Payne” and “Max Payne” were original full length releases, and
“Murder in Less Than 60 Seconds” is a mixtape of his Instagram freestyles.
In 2018, RJ’s music and popularity began attracting national attention from both fans and celebrities. 
He released “Murder In Less Than 60 Seconds Vol 2” mixtape, “Goodbye” single and video ft the 
legendary DJ Doowop, “Dear Amerikkka” single ft Lord Jamar of Brand Nubian, “Death of Mumble
Rap” single ft Reed Dollaz, and “Death of Mumble Rap Remix” ft DJ Doowop, Mysonne, Lady Luck, 
and PA Dre. His next release “777” is an album inspired by Jay Z, with reproduced beats by PA Dre.
RJ continues to record music at the speed of light, releasing freestyles multiple times a week, 
sometimes twice in a day to keep the fans engaged as he works on his full length projects. He has an 
RJ Payne collection of merchandise available on his official website He is committed 
to bringing the art of Hip Hop back to the forefront, delivering music with a message.
RJ Payne’s music can be downloaded from his official website

Instagram - @iamRJPayne

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contact Chrissy Mac @chrissymac78

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