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"SLOW DOWN" by Serene Murray; Produced by Culture

this song is mixed and mastered. it has been mixed to have a certain
feel that goes with the music. all songs are mixed or mastered with
this same approach.
"GOIN' THRU" by Nawdy Nutron; Produced by Nawdy Nutron

See full size image

this song is mixed and mastered.

"WELCOME" by Sheliano; Produced by Vinay

this song is mixed, but not mastered. it has compressor on it because
many people do not know what a mix sounds like. they know what
a mastered song sounds like, because thats what you hear on cds or

"HI LIFE B-BOY" by General Granz; Produced by Culture

this sing is mixed. it has a buss compressor added to give a different
tone. all songs are approached with the intent to do what's best for
the style and tone of the song. a different approach is taken for each
and every song. because it's not mastered, you'll have to turn this up.
we do all genres.

your most valued songs that were done in a less than professional way
can go a long way to getting cleaned. in this example, we have songs
that were actually recorded onto cassette made into good digital audio.
remember, a lot can be done to get balance in a song; but it really de-
pends on what the audio sounds like to begin with. all resoration work
go thru a consultation first. i don't make promises i can't keep.

"WHO'S HOTTER?" by Boostin' Billy; Produced by Duce Man

"Who's Hotter?" before mastering

"Who's Hotter?" after mastering

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