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Montana Colors Water Based Spray paint 300

Sick of that heavy mist when you're trying to paint indoors? Montana Colors has got you covered...

Spinelli's All City ARt Weekend

Freeway's stoppin thru to bless the stage. The walls will be handled by veterans of the graff scene...

BBoy Salute: Merkur Scorpio

You had to be there to understand. If not get educated how the boys on the bricks set trends...

The Gushie: Miracle Watts

For all yall that love em thick wit a small waist and BROWN, i gotchu like crazy. Probably the most passed around pictures on Facebook. Check out a winner...

Mos International Playa

We stay watchin who make the moves. Some play on a larger field. Peep game...

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Tech Alert: Akai Professional AFX and AMX for Serato DJ

 we are traditionaist around here. but we are also students of the now and prospectors of the future. now, its been a minute since i been on the tables, so im not gonna act like i got the inside scoop on this right here. what i will say is that it looks interesting. DJs, what say you?

Akai Professional - Unleash a Monster Performance

Mixing Surface with Audio Interface
  • Audio Inputs for Noise Map™
  • mini innoFADER™ crossfader
  • Touch-activated EQ and Filter
  • Includes Serato DJ
  • Click for 11 more features

4-deck advanced FX and loop controller


Come see AMX and AFX at DJ EXPO

Bboy Salute: DJ Roc Raida, One Of The Best To Ever Do It

yesterday, my Facebook friend posted a pratice video of Roc Raida preparing for a battle with his partners. and it just reminded me how the art of DJing is different today. im not one of those guys that criticize... well, maybe i do... but, my point is, there was time when the dj was taken uber seriously, not like in these days n times when everybody wants to be one. is that a bad thing? i dont think so. i think it brings more of a spotlight on the art itself as more people realize the difference between the artists on the tables and those who are there to play records. theres even an art to playing records. if u've ever been at a jam that was dead with a dj playing music then u know what i mean. i mean the fact that hip hop started to congregate around the DJ should be enuff to solidify his position. but sadly, and do mean sadly these days, its all about the rappers. take a moment with me to herald a time when the DJ was a performer, an innovator, a showman, and the guy that kept us up on all the latest tunes. yes, they actually used to BREAK records, as in play them BEFORE they were hot on the radio. and this is a dj who was in that tradition. not just in that tradition, but ONE OF THE BEST TO EVER DO IT.

we fall out wit a salute to our fallen comrade.

Rest Well....

TONIGHT: Hennessy Shepard Fairey Bottle Signing At PAFA – Philadelphia, PA


Hennessy Shepard Fairey Bottle Signing At PAFA – Philadelphia, PA

Hennessy Shepard Fairey Philly August 2014 Final
Thursday, August 7th, 2014
Hennessy Presents
The Launch of a special limited edition bottle designed by
Shepard Fairey
Featuring Music by
Cosmo Baker
@ Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts – 118 N. Broad St. – Philadelphia, PA

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Bboy Tradition: Gensu Dean- The Art Of Digging

in the ways of the masters, the baw Gensu Dean does what he does. and thats making some traditional hip hop music. i enjoy his stuff, but it was his speaking on the topic of still honoring the tradition that was held by the originators of the craft that made him a shoo-in for this post. we appreciate that type of stuff around here, where authenticity is practiced and adhered to. if ur a part of the cult, then i know u do too.

MIXTAPE ALERT: Pete Rock James Brown Tribiute Mix

James Brown; genius
anybody that know me know that i am a James Brown fan. not like i want ur autograph fan, but a real admirer of what the brother stood for and what his music is and meant to so many thru the years. dude revolutionized moden music and was a such a basis for hip hop music that one could almost say he invented the first form of hip hop music... the break. i could go on.... but this is about the great mixtape that Pete Rock has dropped on the world in tribute to this man and his music. the mix is bangin,(even tho i woulda been happy with the strait James Brown songs). but the sound quality leaves a lil  bit to be desired, especially from an industry vet like Pete Rock, whose records always sound GREAT. maybe thats the engineer in me. lol. (the bass is too much for some songs, Rock. shoulda let the records be themselves. the bass boost does not work for every record) either way, you're gonna enjoy this one.

 New Mixtape: Pete Rock Pays Tribute To The Number #1 Soul Brother James Brown With Mixtape


It’s no secret that James Brown, The GodFather of Soul has been a major influence on Pete Rock; arguably the most Soulful hip hop musician of all time.

As James Brown’s highly anticipated Biopic “Get On Up” premieres today, Pete Rock reflects on his meeting with his hero.

“When I met James Brown, I think he passed along something to me when I shook his hand. I look at that today, and I say, “Damn, I think James Brown gave me a piece of his [soul] power.”  He came to Mount Vernon and he did a concert with Bobby Bird and The JBS in my hood at a spot called the Left Bank. And I’m telling you I’ve never seen Mount Vernon so poppin’ in my entire life! It was always poppin’–don’t get it twisted–because we used to do little parties in the hood and stuff like that and everybody would come out. But James Brown — I mean I was seven years old, me and my brother Grap, and we walked in the joint and my mother talked to one of James’ bodyguards or managers or something and was asking him, “Yo, can my kids meet James?” And the next thing you know, he came up behind us and I shook his hand and he was like, “God bless you man, God bless you.” And he shook my mother’s hand and he shook my brother’s hand. And it left something with me. This was before he got on stage. He shook our hands and then we watched the show. And I left that place not the same. So you see how strong black music can be. It had a heavy impact on me in my life.”

Enjoy Pete Rock’s “James Brown Tribute” Mix and be sure to visit for your Soul Brother Logo Tee.

Fun Facts:

- Pete Rock met James Brown at seven years old.
- Google Soul Brother #1 under images you’ll find two categories; James Brown and Pete Rock.
- Pete Rock has the ‘Soul Brother’ logo tattooed on his arm.
- Pete Rock was ranked # 1 on ’s Top 40 Most Soulful Hip Hop Artists!

Link to Pete Rock’s James Brown Tribute Mix:


For More Information:

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