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Bboy Fresh:Sling Shox for G-Shock

The only way to be really fresh is to rock what nobody else is. Let me put you up on game...

Who's The Real Bboy?

=>As hip hop grows, we need to remember some things. And correct others. Let's see if you agree...

Graff Spotlight: MAD C

This is NOT back in the day. These girls will BURN you.'Specially this one. She NICE, yo...

Bboy Salute: Krylon

For the ones who have been down in the trenches of this culture, i know u understand. For those that only know Montana, please prepared to get educated...

Who The Thieves Really Are

Sometimes it's hard to understand politricks. Here's a movie that explains where all of this National Debt stems from. And then some...

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Fundraiser for Graffiti writer FORM, Sept. 5, 2014, Philadelphia, PA

Imagine walking down the street with ur wife and you see a guy you know. he says, ay man, "you need a ride home?" and u jump in to take the ride. he gets out to go into the store and the police pull up on the car, lights flashin. the police say that the car was just car jacked  a lil while ago and they want to take u AND your wife into custody!  say ur a real G, one that lives by the street code, so ur not saying anything, but ur looking at the guy thru the window of the store that got u in this mess like "FAM SAY SOMETHIN" and he's not saying NOTHING. he SLIDES OFF and you and ur wife gets taken into custody AND YOU STILL DONT SNITCH on the guy. this is what happened to our brother FORM, TUK.

he is STILL in custody. his wife was fortunately released and he is fighting for his life. the DA is out to get him because of his priors, but FORM gave that up years ago to be a family man and to live a life of ART. people dont know how deep this graffiti goes. for a lot of us, it SAVED OUR LIVES. please help us save his. the funds being raised are to his legal defense. please come out the event or make a donation below.

there will be performances by some of the hottest Philly music artists as well as some of the best known names in graffiti from Philly such as ENEM and DENSKE who featured in the graffiti classic 'INFAMY', and freight legends PRE and BRAZE. NJ heavy hitters such as RAIN and KASSO will be contributing art as well as a whole bunch of A list graff artists.  dont miss out. if ur in Philly or close, slide thru.

for more info please call the numbers on the flyers.


KTS CREW: ENEM, SZ Burns A Trailer, Phila., 2014

what can i say? my baws get busy! this is NOT crew love... this is bonafide fire. take a look at what Philly is dropping these days.

one of the alll time piece kings from Philly and was showcased in the now classic graff flick "INFAMY". sun has been doing a lot of painting this year and this is just one of his works from this summer. we got more to show you. stay tuned....


one of the KTS crew new generation who made his name a while back doing roofs along a stretch of the infamous El line in Philly. he has been rockin a lot of pieces this summer as well. we have been glad to see his growth. stay tuned for more....

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Tech Alert: Akai Professional AFX and AMX for Serato DJ

 we are traditionaist around here. but we are also students of the now and prospectors of the future. now, its been a minute since i been on the tables, so im not gonna act like i got the inside scoop on this right here. what i will say is that it looks interesting. DJs, what say you?

Akai Professional - Unleash a Monster Performance

Mixing Surface with Audio Interface
  • Audio Inputs for Noise Map™
  • mini innoFADER™ crossfader
  • Touch-activated EQ and Filter
  • Includes Serato DJ
  • Click for 11 more features

4-deck advanced FX and loop controller


Come see AMX and AFX at DJ EXPO

Bboy Salute: DJ Roc Raida, One Of The Best To Ever Do It

yesterday, my Facebook friend posted a pratice video of Roc Raida preparing for a battle with his partners. and it just reminded me how the art of DJing is different today. im not one of those guys that criticize... well, maybe i do... but, my point is, there was time when the dj was taken uber seriously, not like in these days n times when everybody wants to be one. is that a bad thing? i dont think so. i think it brings more of a spotlight on the art itself as more people realize the difference between the artists on the tables and those who are there to play records. theres even an art to playing records. if u've ever been at a jam that was dead with a dj playing music then u know what i mean. i mean the fact that hip hop started to congregate around the DJ should be enuff to solidify his position. but sadly, and do mean sadly these days, its all about the rappers. take a moment with me to herald a time when the DJ was a performer, an innovator, a showman, and the guy that kept us up on all the latest tunes. yes, they actually used to BREAK records, as in play them BEFORE they were hot on the radio. and this is a dj who was in that tradition. not just in that tradition, but ONE OF THE BEST TO EVER DO IT.

we fall out wit a salute to our fallen comrade.

Rest Well....

TONIGHT: Hennessy Shepard Fairey Bottle Signing At PAFA – Philadelphia, PA


Hennessy Shepard Fairey Bottle Signing At PAFA – Philadelphia, PA

Hennessy Shepard Fairey Philly August 2014 Final
Thursday, August 7th, 2014
Hennessy Presents
The Launch of a special limited edition bottle designed by
Shepard Fairey
Featuring Music by
Cosmo Baker
@ Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts – 118 N. Broad St. – Philadelphia, PA

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