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Friday, May 2, 2008


hey mayn, no matter how you look at it there is always gonna be a pimp somewhere tryin' to get it. that's the job description. pimps get paid. tricks get laid. so if your motivation is ejaculation, then spit the term "pimp" out of your vocabulary. i'd rather it be on the floor than where it was before, knahm tawin' 'bout?

pimps have always been the center focal point on what is cool. most squares wish they could, but they cain't. that jones to jump her bones will leave you out of that society aytime. so there is this rampant misuse of the term for those who wish that the "gift" would befall them. i call it the "gift" 'cause you gotta be chose into that world, mayn. you have to be given access. and i don't care who he is, ay pimp playin' was put into that game by a woman. a pimp can you give you the understanding of the game, but only she can put you in it. she has to see what you're worth it and pay you for it, whatever she percieves that worth to be. what's cooler than that?

now don't get me wrong, i ain't mad at them boys for fanatsizin'. just don't confuse the bitches. 'cause your slang is gonna ruin somebody else's thang... 'cause you playin' and he serious. that's why it's important for all of us to know where we stand in the game. because if you know where you stand, i hope you can recognize when you just might be standin' in somebody's way. and move.

that's why i love this video right here. it's like i always say, capitalism is just like the pimp game; either you send somebody to work, or you get sent to work. that's it. so don't role play... play your role...

ande of course i had to show you what the real thing look like... D.C.'s finest, Pimpin' Ju Ju...


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