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Friday, June 19, 2009


let me say this... first and foremost, i am NOT a fan of Drake. i think he has talent, but he will not have the lasting impact that Lil Wayne will have on the scope of music for this year and last. he will be one of those people thats counted amongst those that "did it", that group of folks who we all remember for being there during "those times". they are not the ones who define it. like CNN was talented. but they were around during Illmatic, Cuban Links and The Infamous. see what i'm sayin?

but thats not what this is about. i have seen a number of sites and comments that spend too much time trying to tear him down. i mean, i dont think he deserves rewards as a true avant garde-ian. but he dont deserve the type of fuck up you dudes assign to him daily. just based on the merits of the buzz. team or not, u gotta love the type of impact this is having on the industry. that is if u hate free and not on the stay free, know whamtawkin bout?

i have a label, and a small studio (but i gets the fuck busy), so i've been tellin motha fuckas for the longest that we can get this money ourselves. while i dont think strictly the material got him the buzz(he was a TV star for a minute), he GOT IT. all independently. the sonic ripples sent thru the industry will be clearly heard by those tuned into that frequency. the rest of you fuck faces will be amongst the rest of these fuck faces that are so happy he's about to get a deal. DUMMY. if he has COAST TO COAST market presence, a nationwide tour (and about to go back out with Jay Z), an appearance on Conan (the Leno slot), and sitings with one of the absolutely most beautiful women in the world (Rhi-Rhi) WITHOUT A DEAL..... WHAT THE FUCK DOES HE NEED ONE FOR?

see, if a pimp already got 10 bitches and u offer him 10, ur not really addin to his game... just appealin to his GREED. 10 bitches stompin hard these days is a realistic 4-5 thousand a day. that 25-28 stacks a WEEK. $100,000 a MONTH. he's ok without ur help. same thing with Drake. the baw can make history if he just has the balls to say, "naw, i got it". cause he does! he HAS! his presence on the web is almost ubiquitous. from yahoo to TMZ, to People, this is all done WITHOUT label support.
all that needs to be done now is to hire an ad agency to handle a national promotional campaign, and a team to coordinate the distribution of the physical cd globally(of which the manufacture can be handled by various very capable independents) and he can WIN. even if he throws up a brick material wise, he'll still cake off. its conceivable that he'll do considerably north of gold his first week out. now take into account the 60/40 (YOUR favor) split that distributors offer, even 50/50, will make sure he sees more money off his first week than Jay Z made off his last record. he does plat that first week, he shoots past Eminem. a million records sold is equal to 10 million in revenue, gross. most rappers will be lucky to see $8, 900,000. the bigger stars make a million dollars... OUT OF THE $10 MILLION THAT THEY JUST MADE FOR THE LABEL. and then the artist gotta pay back expenses outta THEIR share. Drake wouldn't have to pay anyone shit. he could have distributors eating costs all day in anticipation of the product they know they're gonna move. then there's the internet.... man, i'm spittin tooo much game. let's just see where he at wit his.

he can really set the mark for a new day for artists in this business. and for BUSINESSMEN in this business. if he just not fraid to handle business. cause if go for the monkey business, imma mind my business. cuz he gon' get fucked. and i dont deal wit the batty boy business...


I had to take a swipe @ ya boy today. No hate, but I just had to. Check the blog when u get a chance.

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