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Friday, June 19, 2009


this is Philly baby! a culture of violence. even these broads is tuff. not just the ugly ones either. now i been livin with these police for years. when i used to do the thing, officers like Perez, Tom n Jerry and others used to take money off of me and my niggas all the time. 3rd and Diamond, Fairhill and Somerset, ask about us.

what caught me out there was the fact that the dealer in the story, was my man from high school. Ricardo McKendrick, Jr. i used to holler at his sister. and his cousin. they were both as fine as any of these video models. and SHAAARP. always dipped in the freshest and the flyest. i was young and thought that type of shit made u a player. it don't. that makes u stupid. i lost em both. see, the player shit woulda been to fall in. and since them times, i haven't and i don't put no sex/relationship business aheada that bread. but i still think of his cousin, who i met first, and always think about what coulda been. the babies we coulda made (she was absolutely gorgeous. AND smart. AND FLY AS SHIT. Gucci sneaks and Emanuelle Khan's in JR high.) i was a dummy. and on some grown man shit, wherever you are, i'm sorry.

Rick was a cool dude. always on some fly shit. 3 pairs of new sneaks a week. custom made glasses. diamond rings. and even tho he obviously had more than you, he always made you feel like you was fly too. well, i was. i'm pretty. i'm talkin bout those other cats! (scene from The Mack.) he was what you don't see too much of nowadays. he was a THOROBRED. so it makes me feel kinda fucked up that they sayin he's a cooperatin witness now. for me, that shit is hard to swallow...shit, ALL SHIT is hard to swallow, if u gotta eat it...

now as u end this report, right at the end, with the white guy out in the middle of what the fuck, u see him walk in front of a sign with a grafitti tag. now that tag holds a lot of prestige. he was the king of the city before me and one of the all time bombing kings in graff history, KAD or KADISM as he is famously known. most graff writers write where most people will see their name. how likely is it that where the white guy is is a high traffic area? not at all. so to see his name way out there is like, what the fuck!?! the irony is that now its being seen by thousands of people everywhere! now i became king after KAD, and the twist is, i got the name DEN in that same high school with Rick. and he used to write. he had a pretty decent hand. see, this is Philly. that type of shit is important. and the other baw who used to rock wit us, Gene, DORT 224, used to run Nicetown with his brother Napoleon, or NERD as some called him. they used to get MONEY. Nerd had the biggest chain i ever saw in person. now, this gonna fuck u up. you know what high school that was? Bartram? West? Gratz? Southern? nope. Engineering and Science. u gotta love how it all unfolds. or at least appreciate the irony.

small world...


yeah, that's all true....ric was a cool dude, he was always fly and gettin money i mean the nigga had an acura legend, a cherokee, and an audi 5000 all in the 12 th grade at the same time!!!!! nigga would get one scratch on his sneeks and give them away literally!!!! true playa for-real, loved sugar ray leonard too!!!!! liked to laugh alot and when you would complement him on something he had like :"hey ric, nice sweatsuit man." He would say "I know, that's why I bought it!" Shit was funny as hell when he used to say that because it was matter of factly, but it was true. He spoiled the shit out of his sister and cousin too. His sister used to hit thim up for money like u wouldnt believe. She just used to like whine to him and he would give her anything she wanted. Him and his dad was close but their closeness was bound by something very was esoteric, only shared by father and son, but you know it was the glue that made them have more of a brotherhood/partnership than that of a father and son.

You are speaking on my cousins, I want to know who you are!!

I need to know who you are. Please identify yourself.

What are you sorry for? I don't recall you....

if this is Tychell, please email me; i can explain it all then. it has been a long time. but i didnt forget u. 'specially when i was locked up. u think about a lot then. please email me.

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