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Sunday, July 5, 2009


this post was inspired by Bol's blog entry, "Best Cans I Ever Saw" at it was in response to in part, of course, the women who had a negative reaction to this vid. and my opinion of it, of course...

you know, the funny thing is, u niggas KEEP listenin to these bitches like they ever said anything interesting past “i’m horny”.

the video is weak. the women are fly. (specially mami, 2nd up the steps after the mascot dunks. VICIOUS.) but i’m not gonna give it a pass cuz of the ass. for the baw to solidify his position, he really needs to make good decisions. at this point, he’s become the symbol that artistry is enuff to rise in the ranks. i guess he can just make good songs. cuz the video is trash. trash with sugar on it.

but what kills me is the women who time and time again say the same run down political spiel bout women being worth more than looks. then u see them with a tight shirt with the top 4 buttons undone, skirt 4″ above the knee on the news talkin bout “look me in the eye!”. or they tend to b butt ugly, and use intelligence as a factor to give their ugly asses value. which is really just them reactin to the pretty bitch in the room. just like in high school. the pain never really fades away.

heres the other end of it… who paid for the video? Lil Wayne? but Drake’s UNSIGNED right? Kanye directed for free? custom made costumes? and i know them gorgeous bitches ain’t do shit for free. so who paid for it? unless Drake got an ill trust fund (he is half Jewish), or a generous benefactor, i think 50 just might be right.

so BOOOOO to the video (’cept previously cited bad bitch). all it did was make me go to Tube8, where i can REALLY enjoy seein’ some tits and ass…


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