Read In Your Language

Friday, October 30, 2009


if u fuck wit me on the regular, then u know i champion the independent way all day. i ran back across my peoples at Hip Hop Howl. i think the name sucks, but the channel is crazy. i mean, i'm not tryin to say its all good. some things are better than others of course. but it's at least interesting to see what people are doing all across the country. and even tho their budgets are not as big as these commercial dudes, the videos are a lot more creative and more interesting. it's definitely a welcome break from the bullshit that swells MTV and BET on the regular. i mean, u know loves me some T and A, but all songs dont call for it. and if it does, is there any way possible to do it different? i aint mad at the way nobody expresses themselves through music. i catch a feeling bout the laziness associated with people seeing their vision finished. and it's evident it's lazy. its exactly what the last guy did. so what effort could you have possibly put in to it?

so on that note,enjoy. and critique. and disagree. thats what this shit is about. and dont worry, we workin hard behind the scenes. we got a lot of content ready to launch soon. be on the look out. we movin. move wit us.


You know how it goes my dude. Internet anonymity gave cats balls they never had before. The true cats will always be there because everybody's real(the third dimension), but are they realistic or falsehood advocating is the question of the day.



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