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Sunday, November 8, 2009


i put up the video player highlightin what i think is some interesting music happenin across the country. in it you can see that the seed for creativity and forward motion are being sown. the thing that fucks me up, is that it seems that, in all disciplines, it seems that the dudes from back in the day where more complex in their execution. not meaning confusing, or not accessible, it just had the feelin of being more polished and more authentic. in other words, more style. and they each had a style of their own. dudes nowadays have A style. they all share it.

thats why i had to put this on the page. hopefully, this will spark good conversation and bring back some nastalgic memories from days gone by. and for those of you who were not around for any of it, then get a good look at what it used to look like so that u can make better decisions about your contributions. it's on you now. how well you do it will determine your success at it. cause nowadays this shit is boring. and if you cant keep interest, how do you hope to sell anything to anyone? thats why nobody can sell records these days. i mean think about it, no matter how good a cat is, say like Fabulous, who got ill punch lines, his album was enough for me to digest with one listen. i aint buyin that! whats gonna make it a journey again later if it feel complete? a lot of the songs played on this channel are from an age when you had to listen to the album 3 or 4 times to get a full picture. some just took you somewhere else. nowadays, these songs take you all to the same place... the club.

i got it from Just Blaze, so it's official. and even the joints that wasn't hits are worth checkin out for the historical context. because for all its worth, there is no us without them. all of them.



Remember I said this:

Next year, acts like Lil Jon & The Ying Yang Twins, who chant more than actually contrive lyrics, will be running this rap shit. The lyricist aspect will get pushed further into the background, whether WE like it or not. Corporate capitalism has this shit on lock, until we invent another sub-cultural exchange for them to monopolize...

Long live Hip Hop!

what up Grands! and i hope ur wrong than a mothafucka...

and "another sub-cultural exchange for them to monopolize..." is commonly referred to as the internet. its gonna take dudes like us to have the vision and the dedication toward work to really say to them/ourselves to capitalize. i know that "capitalism" is becoming a dirty word these days. but i think a lot of people are confusing it with "imperialism". the free market is the tool they use these days to achieve their devilish agenda, whereas religion was the vehicle from yesteryear...

Great article. I couldn't agree more.
I just hope and pray that everything comes full circle and some kind of real underground resistance in this culture emerges.Not just the headwrap, Common, Roots, Kweli types.
I like them, but we need more than just that and less than half assed myspace crap rappers. everybody's lacking. either they got lyrics but wack beats or great beats and subpar rhymes.
I'm no expert on all this, but that was a good read. Thanks.

thanks verge!

my thoughts exactly! i mean i like the Roots n them, but that what i was sayin in the post. most so called underground heads will have THAT style. its to a point everybody got a formula. not just the commercial rap niggas. those mothafuckas will take you on trip around Saturn in a minute...

So I see your burning some synapses! That's peace...

Son in the 1st one tore. it. Down!

But you & Grands know where I stand. Hell I just finished telling a dude 2nite f*** getting a deal, you better get a computer tech nerd..."don't no label want you, you have no assets to invest in..."

Dudes need codes.

Downloads(mp3) are the new CD/mini-disc/cassette/LP/45/

It's a computer world now. If there was a way to encode mp3 files a certain way for retail music, do you know how many people would go platinum?

Yes, the many people they wouldn't want to. The game is a controlled environment. But the technology isn't.

It's the digital age. If my phone can play music & video why can't this CD I just bought? Who carries a CD player? They sell video players for whips.

If I was Jay or 50 big, I would get that blue-ray code and do a real digital album. Video for every song. Stream it from a super tera-byte server, & cake up. Yep even mix-videos. Make Apple invent iVideo. Then go to a cable company & get a station to stream on. Get that internet Ralph McDaniels on. Imagine Worldstarhiphop live streamed...

This is the future. Podcasts are already played. And for those who don't have plastic to interact online, THEN I have hard copy's for you in Wal-Mart or something.

Just gmail me for my finder's fee when someone gets that investment.

N*ggas need them codes.



damn $yk, im lovin how you thinkin my man! thats that hustler shit for real! where's ur computer geek? i got some work for him in about 2, 3 weeks.

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