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Wednesday, February 10, 2010


first off, my man $yk has been holdin me down! and i see from the folks comin thru checkin him out, yall agree the baw is nice wit his. me, i been in the studio tryin to finish this album i'm tryin to drop on yall. i mean it feels so right to drop that shit right now. but gettin it done is the issue. as a producer and engineer, i can tell u that i understand Dre and Detox... to a degree. this nigga been tryin to get it done for damn near a decade. he gone defeat the purpose from the pressure of expectation alone. i aint gonna do that. im just gonna blam when it's done. it's just that when its your job to get other people's shit done, it kinda inadvertently pushes ur shit back without even tryin.

i was lookin thru the comments here at the site and i came across somethin Avenger XL was sayin about the inherent xenophobic nature of humanity. altho i may tend to agree with that assessment if we were to analyze national convergences. but this hip hop shit is different. it is the the xenophilia that continues to be its triumph.

xenophilia is a $50 word that means atrracted to the unknown or unalike. takin a likin to the shit that aint around u on a regular basis. this is whats made this hip hop shit so valuable because it has traversed way across cultural lines and local identifying factors and has become an almost universal platform for communication and identification for the youth of the world. the beauty is it has been able to find itself translated into many forms familiar with local styles and customs but still assignin it to the time signature James Brown created in 1965. hip hop has become the basis for a world community.

now if this was in the political arena, we'd be assigning this form of national cultural intrusion with New World Order objectives. because the goal of the West has been to make the world have a common point of view steeped in the ideals of Western culture. they have been largely successful, as english has become the communicational center piece for global business and education. being as tho it is a product of AMERICAN black and Latino people, hip hop can and has been seen as a product of western civilization. it's aggressively asserted notion of free and open expression fits well within the parameters of western democratic philosophy. now the western ideal of "democracy" has found a foothold in the agendas of countries around the world, when in actuality it is really the "right" of the people to have a say in who gets to make decisions FOR them. so the people dont have a say in the law. they elect people to determine that for them. in other words, they elect people to RULE over them. this is different than the right to REIGN over a people. and make no mistake, the Queen of England is still runnin shit. but thats a topic for another discussion....

i couldnt help but notice the inherent intrusion of the cultural aspect of hip hop. it has become a world voice. a place for synergy and synthesis in a creative and ideological framework. but it has become a haven for all the other fodder that characterizes the experiences of black people in America and their collective, mass abuses and the expression of them in a multi-tiered manner. this is also a reason why i feel others around the world adopt it as well to express the same angst from their own point of view. to tell their own story. violence, misogyny, homophobia, homphilia (these dudes love them some gay people... they dress just like 'em..), love of money over the love of substance, glorification of the prison industrial complex, drug culture (usin and dealin) and the degradation and abhorent revulsion to their own self images. then there's this glass fishbowl syndrome and the fact that so many people use it as a vehicle for fame. as $yk outlined in his post about the 360 deals, these dudes are content with just being FAMOUS. my old timer told me a long time ago that fame without fortune is a backwards hustle. but there are those who are happy with just being noticed, to have girls recognize them and say their name. and hip hop has served as a vehicle to get them there. wait... i know better than that. i should say the RAP INDUSTRY has served them that medicine.

then bear in mind that the industry aspect brings in to play the idea of capitalism as practiced in the west. that is a practice of IMPERIALISM, cause capitalism is no more than the old school barter system applied to a sytem of averages that yield a predictable economical outcome. these dudes have taken it to a point where they just capitalize off of the next man. literally. especially if u understand how this Federal Reserve system works. we, or anyone with a social security card, is a cataloged piece of collateral. we have been capitalized, that is, made to be an instrument or bond for barter. thats why when CNN puts on the screen the national debt, they always tell u what part of it YOU owe. because you are the collateral they use to borrow from the Federal Reserve. and thats a private institution that the government works as an agent on behalf of. they will send out government employees, armed or civilian, to setttle the business of a private entity. if we were to define this strictlty from the meaning of the word, this is FASCISM. this is the same shit as Nazi Germany. this is what the Rap Indusrty is a part of.

if you love the Matrix series like i do, then i know you dug the scene when Neo and Trintity bust into the building to get Morpheus away from the agents. that scene was crazy! they murked aybody in the building, or at least aybody on that floor. awesome scene. but in that world, because of the fact it was a federal building they broke into, on that evening's news, i'm sure it was reported that a small team of well armed, well trained gunmen stormed the building, slaughtering dozens of hardworking, decent men and women in uniform, like those that gave their lives on 9/11. and all of us watching, we all condoned and applauded an act of terrorism. only because we had the inner knowledge that it was done for a more noble principle, informed by a higher knowledge. what makes that different from the people who brought down the towers? or those that strap bombs to themselves? they can make the same claim. the Masons? The Illuminatti?

i say that to say, to those of us that love this culture, to be aware of its application outside of its artistic one. and to be aware of where u really stand. because it has the potential to be intrusive, have a noble usage, be inclusive, or be abusive.

me, i know where i stand. i stand with my niggas. in every manner in which that can be taken. and as we work it out, we somehow keep turnin out works of art. we stay wit that work. and we gone stay puttin that work in.

now air it out...


Cult you need to stop holding them thoughts back like that there!

"thats why when CNN puts on the screen the national debt, they always tell u what part of it YOU owe."

^ Recognize (no Ruff Ryders)


no doubt dude went in on this post. on my first long post i had to delete because it was too long i gave him credit for this post. I think you could do a whole post on each one of these topics. Good site.

thanks whoever the hell you are...

stay tuned. we just gettin started really...

"Thanks whoever the hell u are"


You killing it Cult. That's that mickey mouse science right there.

Y'all about to be the Jesse Jackson/Al Sharpton tag team of the INTERconnectedNETworkS, without the pseudo-religious posturing & shiny hairstyles.

Or like The Iron Shiek & The Junkyard Dog of the digital shit. Figure-fours & DDTs for niggas!

I'm buggin,lol...good shit though y'all, for real.

so.... i guess i'm the Iron Sheik. is that an ethnic crack, muthafucka?!?

nah! lol! just buggin witchu! thanks Grands. and u got me on some self concious shit. i let my hair grow. then i'm fat, too? awww dammmm.... i'm Sharpton too.

Sheik Sharpton. how the fuck am i gonna get any pussy now?

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