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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Lost Kingdoms: New Balance

I had those Worthy's back in the day. Good quality shoes for the courts. NB bought them back.

So maybe you have never copped a pair of NB's, but you have always seen them. Hip Hoppers have rocked New Balance whether it has been past or present representatives. A lot of people say "those are them old people sneakers." First off that tells me the support of the shoe is official, second I would think that statement comes from a Nike fan, because Nike makes some fugly looking shoes too. New Balance makes a couple of their sneaker lines in the US, which is almost unheard of these days with NAFTA and cheap foreign sweatshop labor. You would be helping someone out there keep their job. And I can't forget, pro and amateur runners co-sign New Balance to the maximum, just like Asics.

I have the 999's in all gray. Before last year they were discontinued. 10 years and counting on my pair. I always liked the reflective N on them. US made.

I'm feeling the forest green look, and also the Gore-Tex. You can't pass on a pair of kicks with Gore-Tex. You can rock these in whatever weather. Do you guys see the old school 'Lotto' sneaker in these? The 'N's are velcro (oranges ones too!). I might have to let a bill double up, these are camping/trailing/chilling sneaks, right up my alley. If I had to leave the house on an emergency 'the sky is falling' basis, I would either put these on or my high top Timberland Gore-Tex field boots. If I have both, the boots go in the survival bag. But notice both pairs of shoes would have Gore-Tex.

I like the colorway. See the tongue? Someone on US soil can pay their rent now.

I've always wanted the original 1500's which came in a grayish blue leather. About the time I was willing to pay close to $200 for a pair of running shoes back then they were discontinued, so I won't leave out the part where the price for these is pretty much the same now ($180).

Here's the colorway I always knew the 1500 series above to be in. The 1300's (and 1400's) are the better quality version of the hood heavy 574's. US made.

And here's the 574, a hood staple. A good idea to keep a running shoe around in the hood, especially when the warm months ahead usually provide some type of reason to run in the first place.

Salutes to New Balance. Pics and kicks found at kicksonfire.

Bonus: Sneaker fiends take a moment to browse all of the discontinued (retired) NB's.


i always loved the NBs, sun! but i've got to say, without a shadow of a doubt, that u put up the ugliest 574s i ever seen! lol!

now my joints was the all leather joints in chocolate brown. UNTOUCHABLE. specially wi the Polo letterman, with the burgub=bdy wool body and the chocolate brown sleeves. ill just thinkin bout those times. but as i recall, they had a different number on them. i remember these 574 comin later. thats how i recall it. i could be wrong. but these are just not the same. remember, they were ALL leather, no mesh nowhere. and every color was flame, even the green. they came in white, black, dk blue, brown, red, and green. and they were the shit.

on the isle/
they tried to challenge the god for the new bals/

You def went in with the respect for the NBs. 574s are undeniable staple of my wardrobe. Efficient, clean and made in the USA. For whatever its worth I fux with it.

The 1300s with khakis is how I would prep it out.

Wearing NBs on your feet is like wearing a set of eyeglasses. You automatically LOOK smarter.

"without a shadow of a doubt, that u put up the ugliest 574s i ever seen!"


Yeah I remember the all blk leather kix with the reflective N and how cats used to wear the white ones all filthy and scuffed the fukk up. Those might be 576's. On the way to Sac this weekend I'm stopping by the outlet to see what's ready to be copped.

dP I'm bringing the khaki's back this year!

On 'Bulletproof Wallets' didn't they have a skit where Rae was saying "I told you about wearing them New Bals"?

WORD. i know i wasnt buggin. you might be right. 576 sounds familiar. and if u see em, word to my mother, u better holla at me!

Word Is Bawn! I really don't fux with NB's these days. I loved them 990's and Worthy 3/4's, but the US branch of NB be coming with some BS. Granted, them MT580's is definitely a good look...aint too much else coming wit it. Being that now I live in Northwest Arkansas, there is NO place to buy kicks, so you have to travel to get some dope sh*t. However, there is a New Balance store right up the street from me that I haven't checked yet. I'll check them out today..but if they on them old man blk ones w/the straps, I'll let you know.

I cant front on's "what I'm wearing today...." section....them UK cats got them 1500's on lookin' slick!

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