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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

War At 33 1/3

I'm not gonna even link Griff's latest video. Go to WSHH and peep game.

For any first timers here, I'm a thinker, not a follower (no Twitter, but look at the wordplay). That last posting I submitted I held on to for like 3 months, but of course I updated the info to make it current. On the real, I have over 20 blogs ready, yet even I know with my train of thought, they aren't ready for the masses. But anyone can easily come to the conclusion that a person writing things about the universe and a survival series clearly doesn't care about Ross & 50.

There are times when I wanna put the pen down, yet I know it's my duty to teach savages civilization, because at the end of the day, their blood is on MY hands, but I can't save the world. Real talk.

Your mind is the most precious jewel on this planet. There is a full scale war going on for your riches. The very thing being used against you is the same thing you love, which is music. Music has been used for centuries as a spiritual expression as well as a form of language. What I don't understand is why people can't realize how the art form of music can be used as a weapon, when the warning signs are as clear as the day sunshine.

Like cartoons, music has been used as a form of entertainment to train the minds of the younger population through images and content. This is the reason why the older population is omitted from the equation, because they can see the signs and detour (notice my previous blogs?) the naive. It is only feasible for you to follow this propaganda.

So while the people who have been bashing this USA (say it like a word) continent, the same many who became so patriotic this weekend they partied (if being patriotic means getting so drunk you kill someone with your car), I was cooling with the click delegating responsibilities. We were grilling up the BBQ on the 4th, and it was mid 70's and cloudy over here. We saw aerial activity, and all of a sudden, the skies broke. We knew the deal.

* In response to Meka from 2dopeboys blogging over at XXL with his 'Ingorant' topics, I like fast food too, but I want nutritional meals. My body needs it to survive. *

There's a war going on outside, and I know many aren't ready for it, because they are not built for it. Just understand that this war is YOUR war, so don't expect someone else to fight it while you "do you". Useful eaters are considered an immediate casualty.

Please educate all constituents early.


*stand up and applauds*

my folk always look at me like im crazy cause i wont eat BBQ or nothin, and im a fat guy. all that dead meat on a modern altar is a sacrifice, like they used to do in the old times. its all ritual. and those that dont understand that they have stolen that science (who is indigenous to EGYPT? who uses her symbols now?) will always see that as questionable. unless they understood how to activate the magnetic. theyd understand how power is maintained. and how they've wasted a lot of their own.

excellent post my dude. and i hope Meka understands that criticism is a part of building... and that he'd put another K in his name...

OH and that jawn 'Do Math" is fire. can't wait til u finish that thought....

It's like watching a landmine explode, in real slow motion...

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