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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Do You See It?

Don't gravitate too fast to the picture...

This guy is killing the game right now. People couldn't comprehend why he was singing at Twitter HQ. Or were wondering why he was walking around in a suit, when in actuality we all see people everyday doing business in a suit. I know he (they) paid a lot for that "portrait", yet I wouldn't be surprised if Hype Williams has seen those type of figures too. Puff reportedly has 2 mil around his neck, but I would rather see the craftsmanship on that Horus necklace. Close Up. 'Ye should museum display that piece.

At the same time, dude is giving out FREE music. Cats are going in the studio and straight uploading music for the fanatics. People are mad at Rae because 'Ye connected him with the teen idol. How can you be mad at Rza because he approves? He made the beat people. This is a great move by Kanye, he could have emailed Justin a Drake throwaway and told him kick rocks. Minaj needed a verse like that to get the rap fans re-interested in her upcoming project (because she has a RuPaul/Lil' Gaga following). He could coach her in a way that Wayne or Birdman wouldn't be able to.

* I think that Jay is the ultimate internet lurker, because he's been touching on a lot of issues lately. I can picture him sitting next to Warren Buffet reading RapRadar's comments *

Basically, I see the manifestation of power that can be achieved by knowing how to become a digital media entertainer, instead of a rapper. Digital media consists of music, videos, and pictures. He can put out a song each week, and get a million plus hits per week, instead of waiting 2 years to see if you can sell a million physical units of music. Or he can provide a visual, it can be anything, so long as it captures the eye. I could have swore I have said this before, somewhere.

I don't know if you can see it, but this digital format fits 'Ye to the T. Because he makes beats and rhymes and enjoys displaying his "art", and where else could you display that all at one time to millions of viewers? Of course you perform live at venues (and somehow I think Facebook will be sponsoring that tour coming up, ready to go with some live streaming capabilities). Why do you need a label? You don't need a budget to join Twitter. Yes, it helps that he is already famous, but all of the work and promo is him. Son is literally saving Def Jam stacks of dollars. And saving Def Jam, literally.

We have a visual of the future of media entertainment. And although Kanye West is not the first, the WAY he is doing it is setting precedent for the smart to follow. Now that I pointed it out, y'all can study it.

Oh, and I forgot, notice how no one is asking/searching for a Kanye album leak (especially when it doesn't even have a name).


Kanye isnt waiting on the label to promote him. hes taking his career in his own hands and will most likely change the game (from a business stand point). Wonder if this is his last album on contract?

On another note....I know you peeped that Masonic symbol in the pic right?

BTW you know Kanye didnt write Jesus Walks right? Rhymefest did(no i didnt just find that out) that just makes all this shit he doing even more weird.

thought you would like to check this out. Remember you was supposed to do a piece on the Deceptz and other NY street gangs? whatever happened to that?

That why I threw this up, reminding cats trying to get in the door that this is the way to go. There hasn't been a press release on a re-up so I would presume this is his last one since most cats are signed for 5 projects.

The alternate "portrait" says more than the actual one. I still have that blog on my Microsoft Word (with some other good 1's). Maybe I'll release that one soon.

ЎGracias por el artнculo. Cada vez que quieres leer.



I didnt even see the original portrait or watch the video, didnt know he had all that wild shit in there.

Here is part 2 if you didnt find it already.

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