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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The End Of An Era

Once I saw this happening, I knew it was over.

I hope it's not a hard pill to swallow, but the writing's BEEN on the wall. Even the leak/rumor of LA Reid being fired was a telltale sign. It's a wrap for Def Jam. I knew the big shakeup was coming ever since I heard that there's a new person in Dick Morris' plushy executive seat. Most companies will wait a good year to assess the business before they start tinkering with it. That tinkering time has come people. I've worked 2 different jobs in my lifetime to see the signs that when new management takes over, no matter how much you try to save your job, the fat lady is ready to grab the mic.

Take a glimpse of all of the artists on DJ. Most of them are in the finality of their obligations. Honestly, some of them will get released before we hear that last project. Ghostface & Jeezy have the same release date, December 14. Dropping projects this late in the year without any concrete promotion is more like a tax write off for the label. Redman's album is in limbo. Nas is still waiting. Shyne is still waiting. We'll probably never be treated to another Triple C's album on Def Jam. Newcomer Big KRIT is getting no type of promotion whatsoever. Khaled took his budget busting rants of music to Cash Money. Jay bought his way out of his commitment early. And in addition to these examples, there are rumors of artists being transferred from Def Jam to Interscope, another subsidiary of Def Jam's parent label Universal Records.

We can say all of this is speculation, but if you follow rap, you know that DJ has been doing suspect movements for years. For instance, Jadakiss should have never been allowed to release that sappy last album. Do you remember the title of Fab's last full length album? Exactly. DJ was so thirsty to coattail Raekwon's comeback that they wouldn't even allow the gods to have a little more time to make some songs with their group brethren. I bet a dollar that they spent more on cover art than studio time.

Can we blame LA Reid for all of the shortcomings? No. I don't believe his replacement will be able to bring the label back to it's heyday either. If rap's 2 new stars, Gucci Mane & Waka Flocka Flame, can only combine to do a morbid 100K plus in their opening weeks of sales (say what you want about how sales don't matter, but that is a fail for them) when they are supposed to be the future of street approved rap, with someone like Lyor Cohen as their boss (Warner Bros), I don't see a Def Jam resurrection with a new roster pushing out major units.

What I see is a lot of our favorite artists will be dropped, a lot of them, with no other label willing to invest in artists that are selling around 12-50K. Don't be surprised if you see someone like Jada signing with Tech N9ne's label. Or guys knocking on Duck Down Records' door.

But the time of Def Jam being the premier rap label has come to an end. I'm not mad, there's plenty of music they have released over the years that has molded the history of Hip Hop music. Just like Sugarhill Records. And Arista. Do I expect DJ to fold? No, just exist as a shell of their former selves, like Motown. And if anyone remembers, Motown was dead in the water before Rick James injected some life back into them (no drug pun intended).

And to left field it, Drake should have went to Motown, not Cash Money. Think about that one.

Thanks for the memories Def Jam Recordings.


Duck Down Signs Harlem Rapper Black Rob; New Album On The Way

^ see what I mean?

What if DuckDown and DefJam formed an alliance? I hear those rumors...

DefJam isn't dead yet. They will reconfigure the imprint with KanYe/Cudi type artists.

The DefJam we remember will be gone but they will create memories for a new generation.

Sadly it will be mostly faggs

^ i like that DD/DJ fusion...

"The DefJam we remember will be gone but they will create memories for a new generation.

Sadly it will be mostly faggs"

^ LoLz

Loso's Way, c'mon fam I know you know this. That Fab album wasn't too bad either, no promo behind it but the album had some dope joints on it. Duck Down stays putting out quality music so that's a better look than DJ at this point and Tech N9ne has a mean business acumen. Might not get the best promo with Strange Music but the artist will get paid.

"Would you rather be underpaid or over rated?"

Its a damn shame what happened to Def Jam.

Black Rob + Duck Down = A Good Look and a W for HipHop. Im glad Robbie O finally got with a team that will get behind him fully. Cant wait to hear a BR Sean P collabo.

"Loso's Way, c'mon fam I know you know this"

^ word is bond Cap I forgot it. At least I was honest & didn't wiki it...

Truth be told, only reason I know it off the top of my head is the shit is in the truck and I listened to it recently.

Def Jam is here to stay. Every label has ups and downs.

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