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Friday, October 15, 2010

Kibblez & Bitz

If I see these within reach, it's a wrap-ola.

This was omitted from the House of Harris today:

"Pete Rock floated and CL sunk"

^ this dude be buggin'...


Jigga closes the Roc, Dame loses a lot of equity...

Hov falls back on the casino/horsetrack, Biggs gets pinched...

“Hov had to get the shallow shit up off him…”

^ k

That's a 3 in 1 sneaker...Columbia Sportswear won (yes I know the sneakers are Puma).

If BET was smart, they would kill the freestyle battles and do weekly cyphers for 106th. The same 2 audience members with the 3 "celebrity judges".

Erykah's right. 'Under Pressure'-Dre f/Jay was on target for epic failure. No wonder that went straight to commercial.

When I hear some of Timbaland or NERD's early work, that song comes to mind. It would be nice to hear a new Mantronik track. Jamiroqui too.

Do I think Tip staged that? Naw. Did he try to benefit off of the situation? Perhaps. He knew he was going back. But what's weird is the charge of being with a convicted felon. Who's that, wifey? Wow...take notes Wayne...

The upcoming CD's that Monch & Ghost are dropping will probably be the last ones I cop this year. 'Ye already told me he's rich and all so he won't need any of my support this go round.

* puts on hat with the interlocking NY on front *


XXFAIL is deteriorating faster than bootleg AF1's soles. Mad worldstarr-esque comments get the light of day, Anonymous everything gets through, try to post an intelligent comment or some insightful shit and you get shut down. Garbage at it's finest.

Monch and Ghost are dropping an album? WHAT?!! When?

Them purple wrestling shoes are horrible. You really own them shits? What when and where can you wear them?

Naw Cap, I don't own them Pumas. They're Asian exclusives, check 'em out in Even I wonder how the front cap part stays on.

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