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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I'm With This

I actually had a whole blog about Nice & Smooth for my 'Lost Kingdoms' series...

Many of you know about my thoughts about the rap game and how I think it should be reformatted to contain a contemporary division. If you do the knowledge, there are a lot of hit songs and albums that are older than the new generation of fans. There is plenty of music to the point where we don't need to disenfranchise the older generation from the music for the sake of capitalizing off of the young like XXL does (ha!). There is plenty of "dead-stock" publishing to work off of.

So when I saw this video, the light bulb lit up. I wouldn't mind seeing videos of songs that were my favorites. After all, who said videos ONLY have to be shot to new music? 'Verbal Intercourse' by Rae, Ghost & Nas and 'Money In The Bank' by Kool G Rap, Freddie Foxxx, Ant Live & Large Professor are two examples of songs I would like to see visuals generated for.

If this movement catches on, the suits should see that this whole contemporary rap format has profit in it for the fans, artists and labels alike.

Which "dead-stock" songs would you like to see videos made for?


Me personally i would like to see a visual interpretation of Neva Again by Remedy off that wutang killa beez compilation back in the day. I aren't a Jew but the raw emotion and haunting beats just comes through so strongly on that track, i think that a vid for it could intensify that. For those who had relatives perish in the holocaust more so

Me and my man Roots was just talking about his the other day. This is a dope idea to say the least. One joint that comes to mind for me is Organized Konfusion's joint Invetro. It has a natural visual storyline, plus it would be dope to see Pharoah and Prince Po together again.

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