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Friday, October 28, 2011

Boostin' Billy-"When I First Moved To Philly" ALBUM ON SALE NOW!!!


"Who's Hotter?" before mastering

"Who's Hotter?" after mastering

this is it! and i'm very proud to be able to do this. i want yall to bear in mind that this is not a charity event. this man put in work, and this is the result of his work. his legacy. and we gone bless his babies because of it.

as you can hear, i really went in on making sure that the sound quality is up to par. as you can see, i got them in very bad shape. so it took much longer than usual to get this right. but i did, and now you can make sure that when u go to bang it, it's not gonna fry your ears or overload your sound set.

as you ca also see, this shit is HOT! so its not like you're coppin' just because it's the right thing to do. sun was really nice wit his. cop this keepin in mind that its a bangin album. and it's right on time for the flood. sometimes i wish he was here to see it for himself.

everyone stoppin thru, please leave a comment showin your support.

as always, love and loyalty.

Culture aka DENSKE or DEN-SKI, NPH


Why is this no longer on sale? What the fuck?

what up G...

what up popkiller...

check out the new post for a detailed explanation...

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