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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Satellite Feed: Jeff Spec-"Specnology"

certain shit i'm just not into. tight pants. music with no imagination. men. i'm also not into postin whatever happens to land in the inbox. i tried that before and it was dizasterous. i know there's no such thing as sellin' out anymore, but i'm from the school when there was. so thats what i felt like. like i was on some sloppy joe joe  shit. 

this guy Jeff Spec has been sendin me stuff for a while now. i didnt like his stuff, moreso from the sound of it. it was like a lot of stuff at the time, shredded on the top end. sounded real horrible. sorry Jeff. but i told him, not like i'm speakin behind his back. but it's like all things that you really want, you have no choice but to get better. 

i fucks wit this. this is a really nice piece of music. and its done well. i love to see artist grow, thats when you cab tell it's ART and not just commerce. and thats what im into. fuck that.

about 300 people stop thru here a day. thats close to 9000 hits a month. and i appreciate it, truthfully i do. and i like to think because you guys see that we have a discerning sense of taste here. or at the very least, drop shit that deserves at least a listen. this is one of those times. 

check it out... and leave a reaction at the bottom of the post...


Dude goes Planet Rock at the end! And the beat ain't too shabby either.


whats good my dude. yeah, baw aint bad, not at all. and he got better on me! thats that real bboy shit. like imma keep comin until u feel me. thats how i used to do my old heads... it's called show and PROVE.

and on another note...

a small miracle has just happened....


if Syk gets on facebook, niggas in hell gonna get to go ice skatin...

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