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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Satellite Feed: The Roots: Whole Album Stream

The Roots' undun comes out Dec. 6.

this shit is crazy. the current model of the music business is made for this album. this shit just may be a superstar album. we'll see.

stream here.


This album is crazy!!!!

The Roots are on the verge of becoming my #1 rap group GOAT.


aint it????

i mean, when i caught wind of it, i was a lil lacksodasical about checkin it out, but when i went thru it, i was like ILLLLLL!!! this is what they probably always wanted. a large audience and no pressure to deliver radio shit. this is what artist sound like when they're free to create art. looks like music is back. the underground is alive and well.

this shit is dope! i always liked the roots as a group, and i swear Black Thought is THE most under-rated M.C. EVER. but this album is the best i've ever heard from them, besides "Illadelph Halflife".

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