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Friday, January 20, 2012

Bboy Fresh: Nike Air Force 1 Pony Hair

yeah... front on these if you want to, if u got to. but there aint no way you gone tell me these aint fly. i guess the only way that you gone tell me that is if YOU ain't fly. cause these cant go wrong on sooo manny levels. AND these will still murder shit in the spring. put em up, bring em out again next fall. im not like a lot of yall. i still follow the rules. i dont wear white sneaks in the winter. it just seem wrong to me. and why would anyone would want to rock fresh whites in winter weather is beyond me.

these joints is fresh on so many levels.

bboy fresh.

bboy cult.


i fux wit these. them shitz is major swaggy.

yeah they is. im surprised more people aint react to these. dont tell me Air Force aint hittin no more!! they'll never see skid row wit me sun. always red carpet, always opening night.

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