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Monday, January 16, 2012

Leave Her Be

as a single dad, i'd like to welcome Jay Z and Beyonce to the ranks of parenthood. i'd like for them to get ready for a very rewarding experience. i know my daughter has changed my life. no, more correctly, my daughter has saved my life. for real.

as i go thru these nets seeing others reaction to their baby, i mean it is a pop culture event (no pun intended), im just a lil throwed off by some of the feedback. i mean, on one hand i find it a lil funny the pictures of the baby and all, i aint gone lie, with the combined features and such. i mean i laughed at my own results on those 'match ur features with another person to see what the baby looks like' apps too. but some of yall has been takin shit just a lil too far.

to say some of the shit yall been sayin about babay is just a lil out of bounds. now i aint tryin t be a preacher or nothin, but i mean some shit is thoro and some some things aint. talkin ill of the dead and of lil babies is just not thoro. period. even if dude is ugly. so what? how many times have you met a girls family to see that her parents was ugly. specially if she mixed, you be amazed to see how pretty them girls turn out. but that aint what really got me thinkin. 

what got me thinkin was when all of these people was assumin that the baby was gonna be ugly because Jay Z is the daddy. i mean baw aint no model. but i think he learned what i learned when i was 18. its probably why im still fat. and for all of you that wonder how dudes turn up with gorgeous girlfriends is because we've learned one valuable thing: a girl is gonna like who she's gonna like. period. for those of you want to bag bad broads, there's your first lesson to gettin ur self esteem together.

but im like, really impressed by Beyonce. she is obviously a gorgeous lady. now add to that her name and prestige and you got one hell of a callin card. she could be rockin with all them Hollywood pretty dudes if she wanted to. Brad Pitt'll leave Angelina Jolie for sure. but a woman's gonna like who she's gonna like. and she like Jay Z. and i can't help but to give her all the credit in the world for seeing past the grill on that baw to what she likes about him inside. i mean dude is accomplished and all that, but she could bag dudes with WAY more money, who could lavish her with WAY more than he has. but a womans gonna like who shes gonna like. and she like him. for all of us that are always talkin about wishin to be able to find somebody who can see past it all, should really be givin up to this lady for really being a LADY.  or more importantly, a real person. real like how we say real, with the connotation that her priorities are on things that matter and not the things that impress. and for a woman who is so accomplished, so beautiful, who has access to so much, chooses what she wants and then commits to it... how could anyone not do anything but respect that??? we as men have all been let down by someone with so much less wanting so much more. and here is someone with so much more just being happy wit what she has? seriously tho, how could you not respect that?

and i know she readin all this stuff or hearing it. her sister done already commented on it. so i know it has presence in her world. but she done had that baby and she and that man are forever joined to some degree. sometimes i think of that thought of me and my daughters mom with disgust. what a bad choice that turned out to be. but i can always tell my daughter i tried and to not to hate her mother for only being in her life for 6 months and then leaving, because that was probably the best thing for my daughter. if she was still in my daughter's life unhappy, then all she would do is be is abusive. but that still doesnt excuse her from being a piece of shit. cause it was all still her choice. and  no matter what, Beyonce still chose to have a baby with this man because she said she loves him. and thats her choice. 

and i cant do nothin but respect her for it.

now air it out...


I said congrats when the baby was born. Without sounding corny, it's a feel good story. With that being said...

I read people are saying Ivy is short for Illuminati's very youngest. How fuckin stupid does one have to be to even give a modicum of creadence to that dumb shit? Apparently no matter how much you accomplish in life you can never outrun the crabs in a barrel mentality. For fuck's sake, Jay and Beyonce have a fairly private "private life" and their seed is a week or two old. How's about a congrats to the happy couple and let the little girl grow up in peace.

I know it's a rant, but sometimes this internet shit aggravates the hell out of me.


Isnt it ridiculous? i mean its absolutely foolishly ridiculous! that people would even believe that shit. or that the name backwards means 'the devil's child", or some similar dumb shit. but this is the type of shit people gravitate toward. this is what all of this goddamn fluoride in the water has done to muhfuckas...

I can't believe all the hype about this. So glad to see you know what you're talking about! lol

thanks Rap Music. 'preciate that homie.

but i also got to add that ur site is fuckin crazy! imma get at u bout some business! that NO shit had me BUGGIN! good shit...

This is the realest article on Beyonce I've read. I never thought about the fact that she could've easily taken that emo-pill of "Im just saying you could do better" lol.

Thats the issue I have with most people man/woman that I know are in relationships. I always ask women especially if a better looking & more successful guy approached you (while youre in so-called love) would you exchange numbers? And no matter if the answer is yes/no you can tell the answer by the expression on their face.

idk I think I'm rambling now lol but my original point is up there somewhere.

thanks MP....

we try n keep it funky around here...

n i feel you. too much criticism in the wrong direction. then if she woulda left him for Usher when he was tryin hard, the she'd be a ho. i say give her credit for knowin what she want and stickin to THAT.


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