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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Red Wrong?

anyone who knows me knows i am a history buff. i am always reminding those around me the cause of a lot of things because people dont ask, and therefore dont know. like people wonder why there is so much discord in the Middle East. history will tell you that the Christians and the Muslims have been at each other since the Crusades. its still the same institution since the Middle Ages. the Capitol Building in Washington DC is an ancient ROMAN building. look at it. or the fact that Iran and Iraq were in ancient times the Babylonian and Persian empires, both of which ran down Israel. you can see where the conflict comes from.

history also shows that in times of war, that governments have ran propaganda to inspire the youth of the nation to enlist. Hitler was notoriously known for his propaganda campaigns. what is probably not well known is that in the 1940s, it well documented that the U.S. government used its influence to persuade Hollywood to make films that inspired enlistment into the armed services. many of those now classic films were nothing more than war propaganda.

while i am the first to say how important it is that this story is told, i am also wary of the timing. and how much of a deal is made on the emphasis that Lucas has been trying to make this movie for years. right on the heels of escalation with Iran, with India, Pakistan and China positioning themselves with Iran (due to the pipeline currently being built... thats right... its all about oil... AGAIN...). even tho i believe with everything in me that this story deserves and need to be told, i am wary of the timing and the target. because of the economic times, a job in the military will definitely feed the kids. (you might get f_cked for your medical, tho). my step dad, who was really my dad (bless the dead), told me how when he was coming up, because they were all from sharecropping farms, that most of them saw the military as a way of gettin out. it became a way out of the abject poverty they were stuck in in rural North Carolina. he was raised on the same land that his grandmother was a slave on. now thats living history. and he loved them war movies.

just like a lot of you dudes love them jail movies.

this looks to be a great film. this looks to be a responsible treatment of the subject, the subject matter and the characters playing the parts. this looks to be a rare, accurate portrayal of a story that deserves to be told of a group of men that had to prove that they could do the job under extraordinary circumstances. this looks to be an accurate telling of how it was government issue to hate us, or at the very least, to mistreat us, to institutionalize the derogatory intention towards we. with all of that, and i believe it all to be absolutely true, this still seems to me to be a well made piece of war propaganda.

if a war movie targeting young white dudes comes out soon, then that means...

now air it out...


I can't believe you sometimes Culture. I like your blog because i respect how much you keep it all the way real and you're not afraid to express the truth as you see it. But i think maybe you may be reaching for something that isn't there with this one.

first let me say thank you. i really appreciate that. and i really love when you stop thru. i always imagine u with a glass of wine next to the computer, listening to Lauryn Hill. the old shit, of course.

but i dont think its really a stretch. its a part of the historical record thaat these are the tactics that are employed by governments, including our own.

and whats the best selling video game EVER? a MILITARY game. i don't think its a stretch not at all. not fora government that adds poison to the water (fluoride). the most famous government to do the same thing? Nazi Germany under Hitler.

not a stretch not at all.

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