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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Take... Your Own Advice...

i know most of yall is on to the baw Drake by now. i mean no matter what school you come from, back packer, money racker, honey cracker, fudge packer, whatever you do, you got to admit the baw got it. i mean the dude is a real talent. so with this will always come the inevitable bullpit of bullshit that will rain critique on him just for being good.

it seems like the backlash is gettin a lil intense, even with Common, (of all people) steppin to main man for being...soft?  Common? i mean, c'mon dude... u stretchin it a lil bit. i mean u showed heart in the Cube battle, but that was you with that weird shit on durin the Badu period. (and lord knows i want some of that ass just to see what it does to me...) i mean for those of us that say they love the culture should also realize that the culture is not a singularly occuring event with only one type of music going at a time. even if we say that all radio is supporting is bullshit, there are still pockets of other things going on simultaneously. and as the internet has showed us in regards to dubstep and shit like that, there's always all types of shit happnin all over this small blue planet.

so those that get at the baw for sayin his shit is too soft neeed to cut it out. nobody ever called Fresh Prince soft. cause Will could rap. and was funny. thats the worst combination you want to see in a battle. ask Eminem. cause invincible aura aside, the baw RhymeFest got in his shit somethin awful back before his days with the Doc. simply put, he BEAT EMINEM IN A RHYME BATTLE. so same with Fresh Prince. De La Soul wasnt soft. they were accepted by everybody. i remember seeing gangster niggas bendin corners listenin to "3 ft High and Risin'" when i was a yung buck. but i did see them kill their own movement succumbing to the same pressure it seems people is tryin to exert on the baw Drake. i dont know where this shit comes from that everything has got to be hard, or east coast, or west coast, or down south. fuck all that shit. it all has a place. and until that mindstate starts to take hold, we gone be the ones slowin down the progress of the culture. again.

it used to be a time that a dude travellin OT would run in to some different shit and bring that back home like, look, i been exposed to some shit. i remember when my man NM came back from Oakland, he couldnt wait to put us up on MC Breed. and we was open to it. i remember goin to the Greek Picnics  and different functions on the East Coast and just runnin into shit... girls from different places that had different shit in the tape decks, whole different slangs, the way they carried theyselves, all that. n it was sexy as shit to me. i remember the day i 'got' down south music. i was in some hole in the wall in Elizabeth City, North Carolina, and i remember them throwin on that 3 Six Mafia and watchin the crowd get on some almost tribal shit, doin that original crunk shit. it was like a dance, almost like a slam dance, but the niggas was wit it. it was a vibe in the place. thats when i 'got' it; it meant something to them. and then i got off that bullshit i was on.

thats why im rootin for the baw Drake. i do remember him being on songs wit Ross n them and just comin shy of all out lyin. well, shit, the rest of em are. but what im sayin is that the baw really caught us all by really telling us his truth. i mean seriously, the greatest music movements have all been based around the truth of the artist or the truth of what they represent. if not kept in check, it can go into caricature, like when NWA dropped 'Niggas 4 Life', which was just outrageous in comparison to the very real, valid story of a some teenage dudes who was just plain sick of shit on "Straight Outta Compton". and he sometimes goes close to veering into that lane. but for the most part, he stays close to what he does. i mean, it would be nice to see him do more like 'Best I Ever Had", but hey, a nigga gotta grow. but the shit was just so sincere. and you could hear it. like Diggy joint, "Do It Like You". and if they didnt mean it, then gotdammit, you got a an excellent example of how to lie. but im just hopin that  he dont grow in ways that pressure forces him to grow. because its at that point you cease to become an artist. cause if you make music for the fans, then you have betrayed them. they started likin you before you had them. they liked you when you was tellin the truth.

so hopefully he'll just side step the bullshit and just continue to be himself. and that means whatever that means today. if these dudes think it's too soft, just make it for these ladies, homie, cause in the end, they BUY the shit. when it comes time for the show, you know already who in attendance. and i got questions for dudes that just want to be around man energy all the time anyway. it used to be a time that the most gangsta ass niggas rocked to Curtis Mayfield and Willam DeVaugn. and none of that shit was 'hard'. but it sho was gangsta.

do your thing Drake. take care. and you can thank ME later...


Fuck Drake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Common all day!!!!!!

i dont know homie... i might have to go with Drake on this one... i mean if u can look past the setting, the lines are solid. Common dont really hit no more. and i thought it was all a lil distasteful after coming back from the White House trip, like he needed more edge or somethin. like maybe he was tryin to get press for the album. if that was the case than that was strait corny...

Every blog I go on there in an article about Drake. lol nice photo!

thanks Rap Music.

i know. but i thought i had another take on it. you cant help but feel a way for the dude. he's like that nerd dude in school that was cool in a way. you like him cause he can rap and surprises you that he's really kinda good. when u see people messin wit him u always say, "leave that baw alone! he dont bother nobody!" lol

Im just glad somebody got at him. Com ripped him one. Somebody had to do it and challenge him in front of everybody. Dude came in the game talkin about last name ever, first name greatest without proving anything as a MC.

Even though the beef is lame cuz its over a chick im still glad Common got at him. Drake needed that lyrical ass whoopin

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