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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

1982 (Statik Selektah and Termanology) "Up All Nite" *the flyest song i've heard in a minute!*

no joke... this is really the flyest song i've heard in a minute. i think the song or lyrics that really caught me out there was the baw Columbo Black that my man Lex Boogie put me up on. that shit was ill. this is FLY. where the feeling is like i am, not i wanna be. like how Pac's 'I Get Around' was.  i can see this  heavy on MTV 2 for the summer. i can see girls really liking this.

its got the right feel. it feels like the 90s, but with a feeling like it can rock right now. when i heard it i had no choice but to put it in rotation along with a couple of other really hot joints (shout out my man D-Sleuth). its goin down. and give me a shout if u think its as fly as i do. 


Why can I hear Grand Puba on this joint?

*did I give my age away with a Grand Puba reference?*


naw, you gave away your hip hop knowledge! Puba would be a good look on this one. i was just rockin the Brand Nubian joint the other day and i was remarking to myself how that used to be all over the RADIO in NY when it came out. hip hop used to be fly... #imissyou

Damn, this is banging! I always liked these two. And i agree. It does put me in the frame of mind as "I Get Around". But let's make no mistake here guys... NO ONE is greater than Tupac. PERIOD.

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