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Friday, May 11, 2012

Old School Philly Graffiti

for those of you who may not be aware, Philadelphia is the birthplace of graffiti. if that shocks or amazes you, dont worry, i'll explain all of that later to you in a later post. but for right now, that needs to be said in ordder for you to realize why this video is so dope.

the guys in this video are not just fly by night writers. naw, these were dedicated respected adherents to the art of graffiti. and if you know anything about the Philly form of graffiti, it is highly stylized writing that exists in a competitive environment of who gets up the most in the hardest, most clever places. and these dudes did it for real. 

so for all my bboys, sit back and take a minute to get a glimpse into a golden era of hip hop in a place that is responsible for one of the largest components of hip hop. and if you dont think so, then it is definitely the FIRST component of hip hop. we was writin on walls almost 10 YEARS before Kool Herc. 

now air it out...


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