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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Ran Out Of Choices?

i was reading on that Jimmy Henchman is starting his trial for drug charges. they allege main man sent crazy keys thru his mailing system for the record companies. i dont wanna comment on none of that. cause if main man didnt do it, good for him. and if he did, well, lets leave that to the courtroom.

what i am gonna address is the fact that even in this high tech age, dudes are still selling drugs. in this digital world, drug dealing is like, so analog. i mean, most of my homies on the street right now got they eyes on the pills. the pills makin em rich too. and the penalties aint really like the drug game either. cause i mean, if u get caught out there with a key of crack, you automatically qualify for a life sentence. for ONE. why would you continue to hustle like that??

i mean, at least Willie D got caught out there with a shit load of cell phones. thats more space age than still moving substances. i mean think of all of the many things that exist now a days to make money, even if you were still lookin to do crime, that will not land you in jail forever and has a crazy come up ratio much greater than the drug trade. stop lyin rapper. the drug game is dead.

the weed man is like a friend to most and its understood that he wont get insanely rich. so the weed man is tolerated. shit, it should be legal anyway. but to their credit, law enforcement dont enforce as stiff a penalty for the weed man, even of they get caught out there with a shit load. so if ur gonna do it, why not asses the consequences as well? aside from the fact that i love my daughter and would never leave her for a jail bid like i did to my son,  it just doesnt make sense business wise. the risk is too great. what, yall stuck for ideas?

now, look at how the whiteboys hustle. they get pinched on ponzi schemes after taking like 900 MILLION from a set of suckers. and they do it all the time. a million here, a million there, to go sit at one of those federal institutions with no gates that they can go home on furlough from. im not encouragin nobody to break the law, but dam. if ur gonna do it, why not do it til u satisfied?

i mean to choose to make money thru violence and the hard uphill struggle that being a success in the drug trade entails is really sort of psychotic. naw seriously...why would anyone choose to put themselves in a situation where the outcome is possibly dying unless there was some real issues with that person? if someone played in traffic on the highway, you'd look at them like they lost their mind. how is it any different livin in a world where the same threat of death that is just as random? think about it, dudes really think that there is something cool about being locked away. ?????? away from women, away from their mothers, children and all access to living a decent and respectable life. there must be an illness to accept this as a part of life that is necessary rather than a life where there is the absence of confusion. and i aint sayin this from some self righteous space. i been there. and i have since treated my self of this disease.

the more i dig into this legal legit thing, and ive spent the better half of the last 10 years starting businesses and having successes only to arrive at the point where the people ive worked with have sabotaged that success in one form or another. but even still, i see the potential for making bread on this side of the fence as infinitely greater, because there is no limitation on how much i can stack. in that illegal life, when u make money, u are always challenged with the idea of where to put it. how do i justify this? who's looking? in this legal life, there is way more bread up for grabs. it is literally all of the money in the world at stake. 

so i say, get legal money. its workin for Jay and 50. and look at how 50 do it. he actually has members of THE NYPD AS THE PEOPLE WHO PROTECT HIM EVERYDAY. him, Boo Boo, a drug dealer from Queens. if that aint gangsta, i dont know what is. and if u are really too far gone in your illness to treat it, then at least find a new way to abuse yourself. 

now air it out...


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