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Saturday, July 7, 2012


it amazes me how things work out. on the one hand, you got hard work and dedication on the other hand here is plain ol blind luck. then theres disaster and tragedy and why those things are necessary in life is beyond me. but thats still no reason to be scared of life. or living.

me, im in it for the long haul. and no matter how the chips stack, im still in the game. i dont see success as a destination. success is the result of tenacity. just like putting sugar in the Kool Aid makes it sweet. puttin in work brings about success.

i know for some people they feel like this is only true of the ruthless. it seems like the nice guy never gets his. you may see sometimes the most giving and sincere people in the world always in need of help. and the jerks of the world making millions. is this the trade off? do you really have to be a villain to win?

what about the lucky? i got a friend who just seems he can't catch a break. no matter what he does. gets a job, gets laid off in 'new' corporate restructuring in the same week... gets a new girlfriend and she cheats on him... buys a white linen shirt and drops tomato sauce on it. but this guy is a volunteer at Big Brothers. now my other friend, total loudmouth (but he's lovable, you know the type), wouldn't volunteer to put out a cigarette in an ashtray, logs on to and wins a couple hundred bucks! i go to the same site, just to see if he's lying, and i only win $50. go figure.

the other day, i found a wallet in the bathroom of the studio i work at. i looked at it and the first thing i thought of was how do i grab that without no one looking. then i checked myself and picked it up and asked if it belonged to anyone. because i don't care how anyone else lives their life, im gonna live mine with integrity. and my success will not be because of how well i get over, but because of how well i get things done.

see you at the top.

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