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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Satellite Feed: Spit Gemz "Graffiti Everywhere"

this was a 'GO' from first of all! yall know im no graffiti enthusiast... i am the president! and when sun rocked this it was almost instant 'save' button. plus the line "instead of trickin, i'll buy something for my daughter". my nigga! 

this a great graffiti anthem for whatever city your from. and sun rocks it right, with that diligent dialect crafted in the New York underground. it feels good for me to hear shit like this coming from New York, because i was fearful that New York was in danger of losing its identity. then Lo Lifes start poppin and buzzin in the city and all of sudden it looks like hip hop again. sometimes people need to be reminded. and this is a good one for that so that people can remember that there was a time that this part of the street life was all about how fly you can be.

bust out...


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